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Developer Play Days

Hello everyone! With Season 2 out and about, we have a couple tasks ahead of us in the immediate days and weeks left to this year.

We’re continuing to do a few feature upgrades with the content that went into Season 2, just a handful of tasks left to do that couldn’t make it in time for November 6th. A set of improvements already went in the day following launch and we’ll be putting in some more soon as well. Partly representative of your feedback and partly made up of tasks we had in mind, we’ll be refining the experience of using our map, queueing for matches, VOIP and driving physics to name a few. Of course, this also includes various bug fixes and as always new improvements to optimization and performance for a large variety of machines.

Many of you have noticed the improvements to FPS and draw distance, but we still run into off and on stutter and look to further refine playability for more machine types and configurations.

Another major task, however, involves a new community effort that our whole team is excited to help out on! We work in a small community, it’s true, but we work to support and grow the game with exciting content and opportunities to try it out, and with that our team would like to launch Developer Play Days!


  • Tuesday 5 PM to 7 PM Pacific Time
  • Thursday 5 PM to 7 PM Pacific Time

Most weeks (with holiday exceptions) we’ll be coordinating public Play Days with the Fractured Lands Developers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 7 PM PT! This is also nearest Prime Time for NA players, and it’s our hope that regardless of daily activity, our STORMRIDERS and new players alike can count on a busy play schedule within that window. Likewise, we want to give players a greater “large match” experience, and with the help of the studio, we’ll provide that.

Even more important, we’ll be using this experience to better connect with our players and discuss/take note of feedback as it comes in live for the matches that we also will engage in. This will help us make the balance and new implementation decisions that shape Fractured Lands into the game YOU want to play!

So catch us today, and Thursday this week, and back again in two weeks after the US Thanksgiving Holiday for Developer Play Days!

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