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Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/3/2018

The weekend is almost here, but while the last patch fix addressed a few player concerns, there’s still more to cover, in partial thanks to the regular feedback coming from players, so thanks for that! There’s some good changes down below we wanted to be sure to get to you before Friday ends.

A few of the items in here were things already set to be added since Early Access launch but didn’t get in on time. Others are particular fixes we’ve been building since launching Early Access as a reprioritization based on feedback, and still, others are changes coming in hot! This might result in some unexpected results despite internal testing, but that’s the nature of the work in progress and of course, we’ll monitor how things go.

The update should be going live around 6pm PDT tonight, now on to the details:

  • Crash Fixes:
    • Fixed crash encountered at rare times when saving/loading customization choices
    • Fixed crash where at rare times vehicles fall “out of world”
    • Fixed crash encountered sometimes when collision geometry corrupts the physics
  • Additional Bug Fixes
    • Made network adjustments to improve bullet hit registration
    • Made adjustments to improve matchmaking
      • Increase connection timeout duration from 5 to 45 seconds to prevent lobby kick
      • Added lobby queue reset (duration 30 sec) for single player lobbies
        • e.g. Player is in 1/20 lobby for 30 sec, auto-resets to find a more populated lobby
    • Further optimized roads loading properly at far distances
    • Addressed certain issues when the player is unable to exit their vehicle
      • Confirmed instances where this still occurs, and continuing to evaluate and address character interaction with static meshes
    • Addressed certain issues where player is unable to enter vehicle when connecting with certain static meshes
      • e.g. cactus adjacent to vehicle preventing access, this might still occur in other areas, will continue to evaluate and address
    • Addressed issue where vehicle weapons would sometimes impact riders when firing
      • e.g. vehicle missiles hitting driver who fired them
    • Addressed certain issues where sometimes vehicles continued to drive after they are destroyed
  • Revisions and Adjustments
    • Reduced vehicle missile homing accuracy at wide angles
    • Reduced vehicle missile homing turning radius
    • Adjusted vehicle trunk to no longer carry character armor or character weapons
    • Updated descriptions for character and vehicle cosmetic items
    • Updated player damage audio FX specific to Storm damage
    • Lowered player damage audio FX frequency while in Storm
      • NOTE: while the audio FX frequency has been lowered to some degree, this was a planned change and will continue to be adjusted further in coming updates
    • Adjusted volume of Horn audio FX
    • Adjusted Dustrider machine guns to now auto-aim track other vehicles at a lower angle when at close distance
      • NOTE: Dustrider machine guns will not auto-aim track player characters
    • Slightly increased the weight of all weapon ammo
    • Decreased the weight of all “G’Luck” (HG) compatible attachments
    • Added individual graphics options in the Display tab of the Settings menu
      • Anti Aliasing
      • Effects Quality
      • Foliage Quality
      • Post Process Quality
      • Shadow Quality
      • Texture Quality
      • View Distance Quality
    • Added individual mouse sensitivity settings related to sights and scopes
      • Sensitivity Multiplier (Sights)
      • Sensitivity Multiplier (2x Scope)
      • Sensitivity Multiplier (4x Scope)
      • Sensitivity Multiplier (8x Scope)
    • Made adjustments to improved visuals for vehicle attachment pickups
      • NOTE: vehicle attachment pickups have undergone a dramatic visual change, players may need to reacquaint themselves with looting them through a couple matches


Thanks for checking out Fractured Lands in its first week of Early Access operation! Plans for next week include another update early in the week to address some other early feedback, and continued optimization changes. Pick up your copy of Fractured Lands on our Steam page here, and enjoy the weekend! Likewise if you run into any issues please report them on our Support link at

Rest easy, it keeps getting better from here

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