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Fractured Lands Season 2 Launches November 6th

Hey all,

Been a while, but we’ve been working steadfastly on the awaited Season 2, and are now ready to divulge more information about this major shift to Fractured Lands!

Season 2 hits public servers on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and features three major updates to the game:

  • A new TEAM BATTLE ROYALE game mode!
    • Players in teams of four can join each other against other teams and battle out for survival in the wasteland!
    • Every player enters with their own vehicle, but can freely jump into other team vehicles for strategy and safety

  • A new vehicle: JUGGERNAUT Semitruck!
    • This new mammoth vehicle class is built for TEAM mode but can be played in both team and solo
    • Features multiple points of entry and positioning
    • Greater fuel capacity at a sacrifice of speed, but likewise acts as greater size of cover and damage resistance

  • 100+ new character and vehicle vanity pieces!
    • A new season means a new 100 levels of vanity to collect including new character outfits, customization options and the newly added TATTOO category!
    • New vanities for the DUSTRIDER, RAZORBACK and a huge collection drop for the JUGGERNAUT

The release of Season 2 is also followed up by a planned new FREE WEEKEND November 8th-11th and a new sale for Fractured Lands to help get your friends to join you as a powerful team of wasteland survivors!

We still have a lot of work ahead of us as we make the finishing touches to our initial launch of Season 2, and of course, we’ll continue making various bug fixes, optimization fixes, and updates in the weeks following.

Beyond that…well there are some plans in the works for the future of Fractured Lands…plans we’re excited to share. Let’s get to Season 2, play this game we love in teams and get in long personal fights with our closest friends! THEN we can talk about the future.

The Spookiest Season around!

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