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Early Access Patch Fix v. 2/15/2019

With Shangri-La Deathmatch live, we are now focused on our next Phase 1 work, and of course, continued work on our Phase 2 launch of Fractured Lands 1.0! In the meantime, of course, we’ll be addressing regular bugs and issues we’ve run into.

Today we’ll be dropping a new hotfix to address some recent bugs!

Check out the details below:

Revisions and Adjustments:

  • Adjusted the shotgun muzzle attachments to make them more distinct from one another:
    • Precision Muzzle: A muzzle attachment that increases range and gives you a major increase in accuracy.
    • Surgical Muzzle: A muzzle attachment that tightens shotgun spread, slightly increasing accuracy.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an issue where audio didn’t properly sync with reload animations of the Bobcat AR
  • Addressed an issue that occurred while alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode, the client no longer changes to a background process
  • Addressed an issue where players sometimes spawned in front or behind other players in Deathmatch mode
  • Addressed an issue where the Deathmatch scoreboard sometimes didn’t update values

That’s it for today, just a little change I know, but we’re already testing some new content and hope to get it to you soon. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll catch ya next time in our Dev Play Days where hopefully we can share some new info on Fractured Lands 1.0!

Now that’s entertainment!

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