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Happy Valentines Day Wastelanders!

Today seems to be…what is it? Valentine’s Day? If you’re a fan of Fractured Lands, then our best guess is that you’re also a fan of celebrating ol’ timey Chicago Gang Violence right!? Well, either way, we’re fans of our fans and wanted to send you your very own 3D Printable Cut-and-fold Fractured Lands Valentine (click and download)!

Just print this bad boy out, cut out the dashed lines, fold fold fold (the cutouts) and fold the whole card down the middle, and voila you have your own Wasteland Diorama with a message of sexy love on it! The finished product should look something like this:

Don’t forget we have another Dev Play Day tonight (5-7 PM PT) with some more Deathmatch and Tribe Battle Royale!
Enjoy and catch ya tonight on our Dev Play Days for Young Lovers!


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